Monday, August 31, 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

Poulter Family

The Poulter family have been living in Charlottesville for the last couple of years while the husband attended UVa's business school, Darden. He just graduated, and now they are closing this chapter of their lives, and moving on to the next. What incredible people they are... and look at what edible children they make (seriously, that baby girl is a real life Cabbage Patch baby)! Charlottesville will miss these people!
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This little angel of a girl is now eight years old, and has decided to get baptized. Her mama scheduled this mini shoot to remember this special time in little Zoe's life.  She was so calm and sweet and serene.  It was really a joy working with her.  Way to go, Zoe!
   photo 2.jpg  photo 1.jpg  photo 3.jpg  photo 5.jpg  photo 4.jpg

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Babies

I don't ever post pictures of my own children on this blog, but these are so special and really touch my heart so much that I wanted to share.  For Mother's Day this year I really wanted to take some new pictures of my kids.  I'm always taking pictures of them at home, or during special outings, but I hardly ever set up a photo shoot with them.  So while Craig was making dinner for Mothers Day, I took the kids out to Chiles Orchard here in Crozet.  I love that place so much.  The mixture of this beautiful place, the perfect lighting, and my precious babies, made for the perfect present!   photo IMG_9500-copy.jpg  photo IMG_9457-copy.jpg  photo IMG_9522-copy.jpg  photo IMG_9533-copy.jpg  photo IMG_9439.jpg  photo IMG_9517.jpg  photo IMG_9466.jpg

Moss Family

Here is the cute Moss family that I was able to take pictures of last week. It was a really fun and easy shoot with a happy baby and parents, and a beautiful day and location. Their baby boy was just all smiles whenever his daddy would throw him in the air, flip him around, carry him by his feet, etc. Apparently that's his thing. What a little cutie! Enjoy!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Baird Family

Although I drive by UVa's law school regularly, I hadnt stepped foot on its beautiful grounds for years, so I was really excited for this photo shoot last weekend for the Baird fam.  Scott has just finished law school here, so it was the perfect place for their final photo shoot before they head on to their next stop.  I love that they wanted a full photo shoot to commemorate their time at the school, and I also love that they did an outfit change halfway through so they could have some casual shots, and also more formal ones.  I totally wish we would have done the same thing when my husband finished law school.  Great idea!  Good luck as you move forward, Bairds!  You have bright futures ahead of you!
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